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FeaturesMOMO’s SR6 series six-point harnesses are the ideal safety upgrade offering professional-level lightweight hardware and adjustability for a customized fit. Featuring two-inch shoulder webbing, the SR6 series harnesses are designed to work with any frontal head restraint, including HANS® whil..
Brand: MOMO Model: ALBK1
FeaturesAppropriately named for its anatomic shape, the MOMO Anatomico shift knob fits naturally in a driver’s hand. Made of premium top grain black leather with black stitching sitting atop a machined black anodized collar. This popular shift knob is available in tall and short size options to acco..
Brand: MOMO Model: ASBK1
FeaturesShift Knob - Anatomico, Black Leather, Black Stitching...
FeaturesThe MOMO Automatico Shift Knob is available in two trims - black leather or satin aluminum finish. Both come equipped with a chrome release button at the top, chrome ring inserts around the base and a chrome collar. This shift knob was designed specifically for vehicles with automatic transm..
Brand: MOMO Model: EAN13 8024055197883
FeaturesA smart ergonomically design shifter combined with a variety of materials and finishes such as carbon fiber, red, and blue make the MOMO Combat Evo the perfect choice for any taste. Complementary colored stitching at the sides of the shift knob match the respective inserts while you are give..
Brand: MOMO Model: NERBK1-R
FeaturesShift Knob - Nero, Black Leather, Black Chrome Insert, with Reverse Lockout...
Brand: MOMO Model: SK 50
FeaturesGive your vehicle a true racing look with the full aluminum body-machined SK50 shift knob. Available in anthracite, black, red, and satin aluminum, find the perfect one to match your tastes or collect them all! All SK50 shift knobs are topped with the highly recognizable MOMO Arrow logo, a s..
Brand: MOMO Model: TARMAG
FeaturesThe spherical Targa shift knob is designed to nestle perfectly into the driver’s palm, allowing fast, precise gear changes, while cushioning the hand with its leather insert. Each shift knob is hand finished to highlight the contrasting wood grains through the expertly combined mahogany and ..
Brand: MOMO Model: TROMAG
FeaturesThe Trofeo shift knob can be grasped in the palm of the hand but is equally adept for three-finger changes when the pace is reduced for a more scenic drive. Born through extensive prototyping to find the perfect ergonomics for the driving enthusiast in a manual car, the Trofeo exhibits excep..
Brand: MOMO Model: EAN13 8024055202945
FeaturesMOMO’s newest racing glove, the Corsa R, is designed to deliver exceptional performance and comfort in even the most extreme driving conditions, making them suitable for track, drifting, off-road and e-racing. Anatomically correct pre-curved finger construction minimize fabric bunching. One-..
Brand: MOMO Model: PRO RACER
InformationSeriesGlovesSize12FIA StandardFIA 8856-2000Stitch LocationInternalLayers 2..
Brand: MOMO Model: R528 bw08
InformationSeriesGlovesFIA StandardFIA 8856-2000Stitch LocationLayersInternal2BlackBlueRedSize 12Size 8Size 8..
InformationSeriesGlovesSize8FIA StandardFIA 8856-2000Stitch LocationLayersInternal2..
Brand: MOMO Model: EAN13 8024055185392
FeaturesThe Hans© compatible MOMO Daytona racing seat is ergonomic design made to the most strenuous racing. Side head bolsters support and protect the driver’s head while reducing lateral movements. Revolutionary Airnet® technical material covers the seat’s back for quicker drying after race use. F..
Brand: MOMO Model: EAN13 8024055185378
FeaturesThe Hans© device compatible MOMO Daytona EVO takes what was great about the standard MOMO Daytona racing seat and makes it even better. This is thanks to the addition of comfort pads added throughout the seat's back and bolsters providing increased ergonomics and support. Upholstered in brea..
Brand: MOMO Model: EAN13 8024055185415
FeaturesHans© compatible, the MOMO Lesmo One is a top-of-the-line composite ergonomic racing bucket seat upholstered in breathable, fire-retardant black fabric. Back cushions are covered in the exclusive Airnet® technical material for improved air flow and quick drying properties. Side head bolsters..
Brand: MOMO Model: 170BLK
FeaturesThe MOMO START racing seat is Hans® compatible and approved by the FIA for quality and safety. The racing seat’s fiberglass shell is fully upholstered with no visible fiberglass on the back of the seat. Its black velour fabric is self-extinguishing for an additional measure of safety. The MO..
Brand: MOMO Model: EAN13 8024055185453
FeaturesThe MOMO Super Cup racing seat is a Hans© compatible fiberglass bucket seat. Revolutionary quick-drying *Airnet© material covers the seat’s back insert, requiring less upkeep. Super Cup’s fiberglass seat shell is visible on the rear while the front portion is upholstered in self-extinguishin..
Brand: MOMO Model: EAN13 8024055219196
FeaturesMOMO Corsa Lite is the new driver boot developed by MOMO in a fire-resistant, breathable fabric, with kangaroo leather inserts. MOMO Corsa Lite is engineered and produced in accordance with the new FIA 8856-2018 regulation, an essential requirement for a product dedicated to the professional..
Brand: MOMO Model: TOP GT
InformationSeriesShoesFIA StandardFIA 8856-2000..
Brand: MOMO Model: EAN13 8024055203058
FeaturesMOMO’s Corsa Evo race suit is the first in our new leading-edge motorsports safety product line. Designed with elite racing drivers in mind, the Corsa Evo incorporates the latest safety and performance technology. Constructed of 280gr/m Nomex material for an ultra-lightweight and breathable ..
Brand: MOMO Model: XL ONE
InformationSeriesSuitsSize56FIA StandardFIA 8856-2000SFI Standard3.2A/5Layers3..
FeaturesSidemounts - Steel Seat Sidemounts, Black, Pair.Additional InformationSeriesSeat AccessoriesColourBlackMounting Points8Weight3.75Mount TypeSide Mount..
FeaturesCarbon Fiber Plate, 2.5mm ThicKUp to 4 ButtonsRacingPre-drilled (6)..
Brand: MOMO Model: EAN13 8024055003238
InformationSeriesSteering Wheel AccessoriesUseStreetMountPre-drilled (6)Part Information NumberEAN138024055003238..
Brand: MOMO Model: SWSCREW10
FeaturesSteering Wheel Bolt Kit - (6) Flat Allen Head Machine ScrewsBlackStreet/Track..
Brand: MOMO Model: CAL36BK2S
FeaturesThe MOMO California Heritage Steering Wheel delivers a pleasurable driving experience thanks to its thinner grip and larger diameter, making it a perfect steering wheel for classic cars without power steering and air cooled Porsche's where a 350mm obstructs the view of the speedometer. Uniqu..
Brand: MOMO Model: CAL36WD0P
FeaturesMOMO’s expert Italian Steering Wheel artisans carefully crafted the mahogany wood to deliver a state-of-the-art durable finish with the period-correct look of legendary sports cars from the 60s and 70s. Contrast silk screening in concentric circles creates a harmonious feel. At 360mm diamete..
Brand: MOMO Model: EAN13 8024055183282
FeaturesThe MOMO Competition Steering Wheel is wrapped in perforated air leather and features sculpted thumb slots angled slightly downward for improved comfort and driving dynamics. A “Competition” symbol is laser etched just above an engraved MOMO logo on the bottom spoke. The centerpiece of this ..
Brand: MOMO Model: EAN13 8024055186443
FeaturesThe flat bottom MOMO Eagle Steering Wheel is wrapped in premium black leather with perforated air leather inserts to enhance the appearance and overall ergonomic design. Its anthracite spoke finish and unique angular shapes invoke the feeling of piloting a fighter jet. Completing the steerin..
Brand: MOMO Model: EAN13 8024055186474
FeaturesDark chromed details inspired by the gloomy vibe of Gotham City enrich the appearance of this steering wheel. Its dished spoke has made this steering wheel a favorite among drift car enthusiasts and those drivers with short adapter hubs making them sit further away from their steering wheel...
Brand: MOMO Model: GRA35WD0B
FeaturesThe MOMO Grand Prix Heritage Steering Wheel is composed of mahogany wood precision machined by MOMO’s Italian artisans and finished with a walnut matte finish. Inspired by 90s steering wheels, small holes in the silver bushed aluminum spokes make the wheel lighter white providing a performan..
FeaturesSteering Wheel - Hot Wheels x MOMO, 350mm, Blk Leather, Gold Stitch, Blk Spokes.Additional InformationSeriesStreet Steering WheelsUseStreetButtonsNoGrip ShapeRoundMountPre-Drilled / 6 HoleGrip Section30x29Steering Wheel Dish (mm)39 mm..
Brand: MOMO Model: IND35MA0P
FeaturesBeautiful mahogany wood in a zebrano gloss finish with brushed aluminum accents create a unique vintage design that makes the MOMO Heritage Indy Steering Wheel a must-have for MOMO driving enthusiasts and collectors. The stacked MOMO Heritage logo that dates back to the 1960's on both the ho..
Brand: MOMO Model: EAN13 8024055183084
FeaturesAerospace-inspired carbon fiber details deliver a sporting attitude to the glossy accents of the MOMO Jet steering wheel. Perforated air leather covers in the handle's middle section help improve grip. Available in 320mm and 350mm diameters, the MOMO Jet is gives you more options to fit your..
Brand: MOMO Model: EAN13 8024055183213
FeaturesTaking MOMO into the next century is the ultra futuristic Millennium Steering wheel. Its available in 330mm and 350mm diameters to fit both classic and modern sports cars. The Millennium is wrapped in black leather with perforated air leather accented with chromed inserts. The unique shape o..
Brand: MOMO Model: ENA13 8024055183589
FeaturesLike the Prototipo, weight reduction cutouts in the spokes of the MOD.07 make lighter, improving driving performance. A generous concave 72mm dish provides an increase in driving control. Select from black leather or black suede grips that are adhered to the rim rather than stitched for opti..
Brand: MOMO Model: EAN13 8024055183626
FeaturesA best seller, the MOMO MOD. 08 racing steering wheel’s size at 350mm in diameter with 88mm of dish allows it to meet the strenuous needs of rally car and saloon car drivers alike. Available in black suede or black leather, the MOD. 08 features anticorodal black anodized aluminum spokes ligh..
Brand: MOMO Model: EAN13 8024055183701
FeaturesThe MOMO MOD. 11 is a Formula racing steering wheel with a classic, three-spoke design. It is available in two sizes, 260mm and 280mm much smaller in diameter than your average racing steering wheel that would be found in a GT Car. The MOMO MOD.11 features anatomical elements such as thumb r..
Brand: MOMO Model: EAN13 8024055183725
FeaturesThe MOMO MOD. 12 is an oval shaped flat bottom steering wheel designed to minimize vibrations while racing. The MOD. 12's compact build allows the steering wheel to offer ample leg clearance for Formula car drivers. Petite in diameter the MOD. 12 is available in 250mm and 260mm sizes, much s..
Brand: MOMO Model: EAN13 8024055183732
FeaturesBased on the compact shape of the MOMO MOD. 12, the MOD. 12/C racing steering wheel differentiates itself with a top cutaway for better visibility in smaller cockpits of Formula cars. The flat bottom design makes it easier to get in and out of the vehicle and provides more leg room while rac..
Brand: MOMO Model: EAN13 8024055183800
FeaturesBased on the MOMO MOD. 27, the MOD. 27/C provides the same world class performance while improving vital instrument panel sightlines. The MOD.27/C Formula steering wheel features a smaller 270mm diameter that makes it ideal for single seat cars with compact cockpits. The flat bottom design o..
Brand: MOMO Model: EAN13 8024055183824
FeaturesBased on the oval shaped MOMO MOD. 27, and Cut out top MOD. 27/C the MOD. 29 formula racing steering wheel is the best of both worlds. Its flat bottom design provides additional leg room while driving and maneuvering in an out of a race seat. While its flat top shape improves visibility of t..
Brand: MOMO Model: 8024055186610
FeaturesThe MOMO MOD. 30 racing steering wheel is ideal for Sedan and GT car drivers looking for maximum control. The anatomic design features black anodized spokes and thumb rests to better fit a driver’s grip preference. The MOD. 30's flat bottom design makes entering and exiting a vehicles cockpi..
Brand: MOMO Model: MOD. 30 - BUTTONS
FeaturesThe MOMO MOD.30 steering wheel gets functionality enhancements with the addition of accessory buttons. The buttons can be wired to trigger anything from radio communication to activating driver suit cooling systems. Its 320mm diameter and flat bottom design makes this steering wheel ideal fo..
Brand: MOMO Model: EAN13 8024055183831
FeaturesA black anodized anticorodal aluminum structure available in two diameters is covered in seamless suede to achieve maximum feedback and control white racing. The MOD. 31 features a blank center mounting surface allowing it to be custom drilled to fit any race car's steering column, hub, or q..
Brand: MOMO Model: EAN13 8024055183398
FeaturesVisually sharing similarities with the MOMO MOD. 78, the MOMO MOD. 69 differentiates itself with a thicker premium suede wrapped grip with a streamlined shape that for maximum steering flow. Back finger grooves on the grip assist with maximum driving comfort. A yellow MOMO logo on the bottom..
Brand: MOMO Model: EAN13 8024055183435
FeaturesThe timeless shape of its black anodized anticorodal aluminum spokes wrapped in either black leather or suede makes it one of the most popular choices for GT and Sedan race cars. Giving the driver further options the MOMO MOD. 78 is available in two sizes including a 350mm diameter with 36mm..
Brand: MOMO Model: EAN13 8024055182995
FeaturesWrapped in your choice of Black Suede or Black Leather, the MOMO MOD. 80 racing steering wheel features subtle anatomical elements to deliver a comfortable grip. The MOD.80 is highlighted by two classic red buttons that can be wired to support various race systems such as radio communication..
Brand: MOMO Model: EAN13 8024055186696
FeaturesThe MOMO MOD. 88 racing steering wheel features a flat bottom design that makes getting in and out of a racing seat with tall leg side bolsters easier by delivering more clearance between the driver’s legs and the wheel. Three black anodized spokes and a thick grip covered in premium suede h..
Brand: MOMO Model: EAN13 8024055186733
FeaturesThe MOMO MOD Drift steering wheel is specifically designed for better grip and handling while drifting, this is attributed primarily from the wheels 88mm deep concave dish. This dish pushes the rim closer to the driver as well as closer to the gear lever, cutting down on time your hand trave..
Brand: MOMO Model: EAN13 8024055124643
FeaturesThe MOMO MOD. N38 meets safety and ergonomic needs of challenging circle tracks, both key necessities for any kind of automotive endurance racing. The N38 has three anodized spokes with a deep 87mm dish and three industry standard pre-drilled mounting holes. A MOMO branded center pad and gri..
Brand: MOMO Model: EAN13 8024055117591
FeaturesThis streering wheel meets the most key necessities for any kind of automotive endurance racing, namely the safety and ergonomic required by challenging circle tracks. The N41 has three black anodized spokes with a deep 87mm dish and comes pre-drilled with the three industry standard mountin..
Brand: MOMO Model: EAN13 8024055183817
FeaturesIntended for Formula racing, the MOMO MOD. 27 steering wheel's smaller diameter is ideal for the tighter cockpits of single seat cars. The flat bottom design allows for more leg room while getting in and out of the car, in addition to while driving. The ergonomic shaped grip is covered in bl..
Brand: MOMO Model: EAN13 8024055183565
FeaturesThe chrome MOMO logo in the center horn button provides a bright accent to Montecarlo’s muted black finish. Its triangular spoke shape was inspired by the famous MOMO Gran Turismo steering wheel of motorsport's past.Experience improved driving control with a thicker grip design. Engraved on ..
Brand: MOMO Model: EAN13 8024055200170
FeaturesModernize your interior while improving your driving experience with the look and feel of Alcantara. MOMO has taken its popular street steering wheel to new heights with Alcantara, a high performance material often found on luxury sports cars and professional race cars. This steering wheel c..
Brand: MOMO Model: EAN13 8024055186528
FeaturesNero Steering Wheel shows off several shades of the always-in-style color. Black leather and suede wrap black metal spokes highlighted with satin silver finish inserts. Providing a dash of color to the Nero steering wheel is a yellow MOMO logo in the center of the horn button which is surrou..
Brand: MOMO Model: EAN13 8024055001814
FeaturesPrototipo is the ideal choice for classic vehicles of all generations. At 350 mm diameter, the unique, timeless design is the perfect choice for both long driving trips or a performance GT car. The iconic holes in your choice of black or silver spokes make this black leather-gripped steering..
Brand: MOMO Model: EAN13 8024055180397
FeaturesThanks to the iconic design of gradual holes, the Prototipo 6C utilizes MOMO technology to deliver a steering wheel that is light without sacrificing resistance and flexibility. The genuine carbon fiber design gives this steering wheel a modern, sporty look from its glossy wrap. Luxury is in..
Brand: MOMO Model: EAN13 8024055196985
FeaturesThe MOMO Heritage Prototipo steering wheel ventures back in time to celebrate the history of MOMO. Its rim is covered in distressed black leather with white contrast stitching, giving it a well-worn look with a new leather feel. The traditional round rim has three cut-out spokes and measures..
Brand: MOMO Model: EAN13 8024055199634
FeaturesMake your interior stand out with racing-inspired red accents found on the MOMO Quark Steering Wheel or tone it down for a stealth look with black polyurethane and black perforated air leather inserts. The grip widens just above the spokes for better comfort where drivers rest their hands. A..
Brand: MOMO Model: EAN13 8024055183244
FeaturesThe MOMO Race Steering Wheel is a design reminiscent of the golden age of modifying street cars. The grip is comprised of black leather paired with black perforated airleather sides. The spoke and ring surrounding the horn button are finished in a warm anthracite silver. A laser-etched "Race..
Brand: MOMO Model: EAN13 8024055183183
FeaturesThe Retro is the perfect replacement and upgrade for any classic European, domestic or tuner car. Black leather with white stitching around the grip provides a high end period-correct appearance and feel. The Retro's hidden hardware achieves a streamlined design that draws attention to its b..
Brand: MOMO Model: GRA35WD0P
FeaturesBased on the MOMO Grand Prix Heritage Steering Wheel, the Super Grand Heritage takes styling to the next level. Setting itself apart from its brushed aluminum counterpart are mirror-like shiny chromed-finished spokes lightened with small holes to give it a '90s sports car-inspired look and f..
Brand: MOMO Model: EAN13 8024055183008
FeaturesExperience maximum driving comfort and control thanks to interlocking perforated air leather and black leather surrounding the MOMO Team Steering Wheel. Team’s unique design is available in 280mm and 300mm diameters to match your anatomical grip and fits smaller sports cars perfectly. The bo..
Brand: MOMO Model: EAN13 8024055001623
FeaturesFeatures a black leather flat bottom, black air leather side grips, and a MOMO embroidered top section wrapped in your choice or red or black suede. Completely unique to the Trek and Trek R, a matching colored removable spoke surrounds the horn button and attaches at the base of the flat bot..
Brand: MOMO Model: EAN13 8024055183343
FeaturesTuner is available in two diameters to match your driving preferences - the 320mm is ideal if you desire faster, responsive control, and the 350mm provides a more relaxed driving experience. Customize your look with a choice of an anthracite finish with silver horn button or black with a mat..
Brand: MOMO Model: EAN13 8024055211626
FeaturesElaborately etched with the MOMO logo through an innovative laser engraving process, the MOMO ULTRA steering wheel makes a bold statement. The Alcantara-wrapped grip features silhouettes of the most famous racetracks from around the world: Monza, Nurburgring, Monte Carlo, Sepang and many mor..
InformationSeriesUnderwearSizeXLFIA StandardFIA 8856-2000Layers1..
InformationSeriesUnderwearSizeSFIA StandardFIA 8856-2000Layers 1..
Brand: MOMO Model: EAN13 802405507124
FeaturesFeaturing a driver hydration tube port and single eye-opening, MOMO Comfort Tech balaclava offers protection from direct heat and thermal transfer as well as additional protection from smoke and fume inhalation. Manufactured from 180-gram soft-knit aramid fabric, MOMO’s Comfort Tech line is ..
Brand: MOMO Model: EAN13 8024055207186
FeaturesMOMO’s line of Comfort Tech fire resistant undergarments provide an additional layer of protection against heat transfer and direct flame exposure. Manufactured from 180-gram soft-knit aramid fabric, MOMO’s Comfort Tech High Collar Tops are the ideal base layer providing improved moisture-wi..
Brand: MOMO Model: EAN13 8024055207186
FeaturesMOMO’s line of Comfort Tech fire-resistant underwear provides added protection against heat transfer and direct flame exposure. Manufactured from 180 gram soft-knit aramid fabric, MOMO’s Comfort Tech Pants are the ideal base layer providing improved moisture wicking and breathability charact..
Brand: MOMO Model: EAN13 8024055207278
FeaturesManufactured from a soft-knit aramid fabric, MOMO’s Comfort Tech socks offer additional seconds of thermal protection while also providing moisture-wicking and cooling comfort. Available in black or white and sizes ranging from Small to XL.Additional InformationSeriesUnderwearFIA StandardFIA..
Brand: MOMO Model: ANZIO
InformationWheel DiameterConstructionSeriesUse19" 20"Street WheelsRF SeriesStreetMaterialFlowform AluminiumSize19x8.5Backspace6.1Bore72.5Part Number Information:Black - UPCBronze - UPC190300195510190300195701..
InformationConstructionSeriesUseStreet WheelsRF SeriesStreetWheel Diameter19" 20"MaterialFlowform AluminiumSize19x8.5Backspace6.1Bore72.5Part Number InformationBlack - UPCBronze - UPC190300195893190300196036..
Brand: MOMO Model: CATANIA
InformationWheel Diameter18" 19"ConstructionSeriesUseStreet WheelsRF SeriesStreetMaterialFlowform AluminiumSize18x8.5Backspace6.1Bore72.5Part Number InformationBlack - UPCSilver - UPCAthracite - UPC190300196173190300196470190300196777..
Brand: MOMO Model: DRONE
InformationWheel Diameter17" 18"ConstructionSeriesStreet WheelsAlloy WheelsUseStreetMaterialAluminium AlloySize17x7.5Backspace5.8Bore73.1..
Brand: MOMO Model: FERRARA
InformationWheel Diameter19"Construction SeriesUseStreet WheelsRF SeriesStreetMaterialFlowform AluminiumSize19x10Backspace6.5Bore66.56Part Number InformationBlack - UPCAnthracite - UPCGold - UPC190300197163190300197408190300197286..
Brand: MOMO Model: HERITAGE 6
InformationWheel Diameter17" 18"ConstructionSeriesStreet WheelsHeritage SeriesUseStreetMaterialFlowform AluminiumSize17x8Backspace5.9Bore72.56..
Brand: MOMO Model: NEXT EVO
InformationWheel Diameter15" 16" 17" 18"ConstructionSeriesStreet WheelsAlloy WheelsUseStreetMaterialAluminium AlloySize17x7Backspace5.7Bore73.1..
Brand: MOMO Model: EAN13 8024055213835
InformationWheel Diameter15" 16" 17" 18"ConstructionSeriesStreet WheelsAlloy WheelsUseStreetMaterialAluminium AlloySize17x7Backspace5.63Bore73.1Part Number InformationEAN138024055213835..
Brand: MOMO Model: EAN13 8024055184968
FeaturesWheel Diameter15" 16" 17" 18" 19" 20"ConstructionSeriesStreet WheelsAlloy WheelsUseStreetMaterialAluminium AlloySize20x8.5Backspace6.32Bore73.1Part Number InformationEAN138024055184968..
Brand: MOMO Model: RPM EVO
InformationWheel Diameter15" 16" 17" 18"ConstructionSeriesStreet WheelsAlloy WheelsUseStreetMaterialAluminium AlloySize18x8Backspace6.1Bore73.1..
Brand: MOMO Model: EAN13 8024055210094
InformationWheel Diameter17" 18"ConstructionSeriesUseStreet WheelsAlloy WheelsStreetMaterialAluminium AlloySize17x8BackspaceBore6.2773.1Part Number InformationEAN138024055210094..
Brand: MOMO Model: EAN13 8024055210162
InformationWheel Diameter19" 20"SeriesUseStreet WheelsAlloy WheelsUseStreetMaterialAluminium AlloySize20x8.5Backspace6.32BorePart Number InformationEAN1373.18024055210162..
Brand: MOMO Model: EAN13 80240558195896
InformationWheel Diameter15" 16" 17"ConstructionSeriesStreet WheelsAlloy WheelsUseStreetMaterialAluminium AlloySize17x7BackspaceBore5.3873.1Part Number Information EAN1380240558195896..
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