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Brand: FERODO Model: 4003 (C)
4003 is a compound that was specifically developed for lighter cars (Formula 3, Formula Ford, Formula VW, Formula Renault, Formula Campus) and occasionally for Rally use. Characteristics of 4003 are: Average friction coefficient 0.46 over working temperature range of 200°-450°C Very short beddi..
Brand: FERODO Model: DS1.11 (W/WB)
Several brake pads on the market boast 'ceramic' technology. DS1.11 is the real thing. It is based upon a chemical family known as Siloxanes. Unlike carbon based materials, siloxane chains do not decompose at high temperatures and so DS1.11 keeps on working up to the highest temperatures a brake pad..
Brand: FERODO Model: DS2500 (H)
DS2500 is amongst the foremost high performance track day pads in the business. It is also suitable for some light duty front and many rear pure race applications. It offers excellent refinement for such a high performance pad. Characteristics of DS2500 are: Track day & light race use for all..
Brand: FERODO Model: DS3.12 (G/GB)
DS3.12 is a high-output, heavy duty circuit compound. It has been developed in testing in top-level GT racing and is suitable for larger and heavier non-formula cars on the track. It is superior to other Ferodo compounds both in friction coefficient and maintenance of its performance at very high te..
Brand: FERODO Model: DS3000 (R)
DS3000 is the FERODO RACING compound that has set the braking standard from 1998. It has contributed to countless wins and podium positions in many Touring car, rally & GT championships around the world. Characteristics of DS3000 are: Heavy duty all-round material choice Short bedding time ..
Brand: FERODO Model: DS4.06 (T)
DS4.06 racing compound has been developed specifically for TCR (Touring Car Racing) - sprint races. Characteristics of DS4.06 are: Specifically developed for TCR sprint racing Front axle Average friction coefficient 0.6 over working temperature range of 300°-700°C Highest bite, great release,..
Brand: FERODO Model: DSUNO (Z/ZB)
DSUNO is the latest heavy duty racing material from Ferodo Racing. It has replaced DS2.11 and is already race proven in GT, touring car, Formula & rally. The technical objective for the material was to provide a high friction output, whilst improving pad and disc life and to offer excellent modu..
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