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Brand: GRAYSTON Model: SP56-58
Description2 off 32mm (1 1/4") 5 hole spacers - complete with 10 extension studs.PCD 5.5" (139mm)12mm 1.53/4" hex universal extension studsSP5612mm 1.253/4" hex universal extension studsSP571/2" unf3/4" hex universal extension studsSP58..
Brand: GRAYSTON Model: SP41
Description2 off 32mm (1 1/4") 5 Hole Uni Spacers - Complete with 10 extension studs.PCD 108mm to 130mm (4.25" to 5.1")7/16" unf3/4" hex universal extension studsSP5112mm 1.53/4" hex universal extension studsSP5212mm 1.253/4" hex universal extension studsSP5314mm 1.53/4" hex universal extension stud..
Brand: GRAYSTON Model: SP61-65
Description2 off 32mm (1 1/4") 6 hole spacers - complete with 12 extension studs.PCD 5.5" (139mm)12mm 1.53/4" hex universal extension studsSP6112mm 1.253/4" hex universal extension studsSP621/2" unf3/4" hex universal extension studsSP6312mm 1.53/4" hex universal extension studs extra longSP65..
Brand: GRAYSTON Model: SP21-26
Description2 off 10mm (3/4") 4 hole spacers - complete with 8 longer studs or bolts.3/8" unfstuds for mini etc.SP217/16" unfstuds for Fords - Escort, Cortina l & ll, etc.SP2212mm 1.5studs for Fords - Escort ll on, Cortina, Capri, etc.SP2312mm 1.5studs for Vauxhall/OpelSP2412mm 1.5bolts for Ford ..
Brand: GRAYSTON Model: SP31-37
Description 2 off 10mm (3/4") 4 hole spacers - complete with 8 longer studs or bolts.3/8" unfstuds for Mini's, etc.SP317/16" unfstuds for Fords-Escort, Cortina l & ll, etc.SP3212mm 1.5studs for Fords-Escort ll on, Cortina, Capri, etc.SP3312mm 1.5studs for Vauxhall/OpelSP3413mm 1.5 bolts ..
Brand: GRAYSTON Model: SP71-74
Description 2 off 25mm (1") 4 hole spacers - complete with 8 longer studs or bolts.3/8" unfstuds for Mini's etc.SP717/15" unfstuds for Fords-Escort, Cortina l & ll, etc.SP7212mm 1.5studs for Fords-Escort ll on, Cortina, Capri. etc. SP7312mm 1.5studs for Vauxhall/OpelSP74..
Brand: GRAYSTON Model: SP10P-18P
Description3mm to 98mm PCD3 hole spacer shimSP10P3mm universal PCD4 & 5 hole spacer shimSP11P5mm universal PCD4 & 5 hole spacer shimSP12P6mm universal PCD4 hole spacer shimSP13P6mm universal PCD5 hole spacer shimSP14P10mm universal PCD5 hole spacer shimSP15P10mm universal PCD4 hole spacer sh..
Brand: GRAYSTON Model: SP11-12
Description3mm thickUni 4 & 5 holePCD 95mm to 121mmSP115mm thickUni 4 & 5 holePCD 95mm to 121mmSP12Pressure die-cast in aluminium made to close tolerances...
Brand: GRAYSTON Model: SP13-19
Description6mm thick4 holePCD 95mm to 114mmSP1310mm thick4 holePCD 95mm to 114mmSP1719mm thick4 holePCD 95mm to 114mmSP1825mm thick4 holePCD 95mm to 114mmSP19Pressure die-cast in aluminium made to close tolerances...
Brand: GRAYSTON Model: SP14-16
Description6mm thickuni 5 holePCD 95mm - 120mmSP1410mm thickuni 5 holePCD 95mm - 120mmSP1520mm thickuni 5 holePCD 95mm - 120mmSP16Pressure die-cast in aluminium made to close tolerances...
Brand: GRAYSTON Model: SP10
Description3mm thick3 hole98mm PCDPressure die-cast in aluminium made to close tolerances...
Brand: GRAYSTON Model: SP16-5
Description5mm thick5 & 6 hole5.5"PCD 139mm, off-road vehiclesSP16-510mm thick5 & 6 hole5.5"PCD 139mm, off-road vehiclesSP16-10Pressure die-cast in aluminium made to close tolerances...
Brand: GRAYSTON Model: SP41-47
Description 2 off 10mm (3/4") 4 hole spacers - complete with 8 longer studs or bolts.PCD 94mm TO 118mm (3.7" TO 4.65")3/8" unf3/4" hex universal Extention studsSP417/16" unf3/4" hex universal Extention studsSP4212mm 1.53/4" hex universal Extention studsSP4312mm 1.253/4" hex universal Extention st..
Brand: GRAYSTON Model: SS41
DescriptionStandard plus 25mm63mm long14.3 spline diameterSS41..
Brand: GRAYSTON Model: SS36
DescriptionStandard plus 13mm47mm long13.1mm spline diameterSS36Standard plus 25mm63mm long13.1mm spline diameterSS37..
Brand: GRAYSTON Model: SS38
Description12mm 1.5 Mitsubishi, Toyota, Ford Escort MK2 Disc Brakes.*(Not RS Model)*(Old Vauxhall/Opel)Standard plus 13mm51mm long14.3mm spline diameterSS38Standard plus 25mm63mm long14.3mm spline diameterSS39* Hubs to be drilled 14mm to take larger spline..
Brand: GRAYSTON Model: SS85
Description12mm 1.5 Volvo67mm long16.5mm spline diameterSS85..
Brand: GRAYSTON Model: SS43
Description14mm 1.5 VW plus 25mm63mm long15.0mm spline diameterSS4314mm 1.5 plus 32mm70mm long15.0mm spline diameterSS43Please Note: the length of the stud is measured from the head of the washer face to the end of the thread...
Brand: GRAYSTON Model: SS31
DescriptionStandard35mm long (Mini, Moris Minor, Metro front, Sprite, Midget)10.3mm spline diameterSS31Standard plus 15mm50mm long Mini, etc, Metro rear10.3mm spline diameterSS32Standard plus 20mm55mm long10.3 spline diameterSS32AStandard plus 25mm60mm long Mini etc.10.3 spline diameterSS33Standard ..
Brand: GRAYSTON Model: SS34
DescriptionStandard plus 13mm43mm long13.1mm spline diameterSS34Standard plus 25mm55mm long13.1mm spline diameterSS35..
Brand: GRAYSTON Model: SS11
Description12mm1.540mm longSS1112mm1.550mm longSS1212mm1.560mm longSS1312mm1.580mm longSS1412mm1.5 to 1.2560mm longSS1812mm1.5 to 1.2580mm longSS1912mm1.5 to 1.25100mm longSS19A12mm1.2540mm longSS2112mm1.2550mm longSS2212mm1.2560mm longSS2312mm1.2580mm longSS2412mm1.25100mm longSS24A12mm1.25 to 1.56..
Brand: GRAYSTON Model: SE20
Description3/4" HEX Zinc Plated3/8" unf2" longSE207/16"2" longSE2112mm 1.52" longSE2312mm 1.252 1/4" longSE2414mm 1.52 1/4" longSE2512mm 1.52 1/4" longSE26..
Brand: GRAYSTON Model: SW28
DescriptionCone washer12mm boreFlat to 60°SW28Cone washer13mmFlat to 60° for variable PCD boltsSW28VCone washer14mm boreFlat to 60°SW30Cone washer15mm boreFlat to 60°SW30/15Cone washer16mmFlat to 60°SW30/16Cone washer17mm boreFlat to 60°SW30/17..
Brand: GRAYSTON Model: SW10
Description5/8" bore11/16" sleeve (OD)SW105/8" bore3/4" sleeves (OD)SW12..
Brand: GRAYSTON Model: SW25
DescriptionEscort conversion washer12mm bore60° to 60°SW25..
Brand: GRAYSTON Model: SW13
DescriptionFlat sleeve washer3mm thick5/8" boreSW13Flat sleeve washer6mm thick5/8" boreSW13TFlat sleeve washer3/4" boreSW14              ..
Brand: GRAYSTON Model: SW16
DescriptionFlat to taper sleeve washer5/8" bore (Wolfrace seating)SW15Flat to taper sleeve washer3/8" bore (Wolfrace seating)SW16..
Brand: GRAYSTON Model: SW34
Description Revolution flat washer9/16" boreSW34Revolution flat washer11/16" boreSW26Minilite washer5/8" boreSW27..
Brand: GRAYSTON Model: SW11
DescriptionFord Ghia 60° normal to fit SB31 onlySW1112mm bore flat to Ghia 60°SW11A..
Brand: GRAYSTON Model: SW36
DescriptionPeugeot flat washer13mm boreSW3260° to flat washer Peugeot washer for use with Grayston bolts12mm bore60° to flatSW36..
Brand: GRAYSTON Model: SW17
DescriptionTaper to flat5/8" boreSW17Taper to flat3/4" boreSW18Taper to flat11/16" boreSW19..
Brand: GRAYSTON Model: SW23
DescriptionVW washer12mm bore60° to radiusSW23VW washer14mm bore60° to radiusSW24..
Brand: GRAYSTON Model: SW29
DescriptionVW washer12mm boreflat to radiusSW29VW washer14mm boreflat to radiusSW31..
Brand: GRAYSTON Model: SW20
DescriptionWolfrace washer - taper tp taper11/16" boreSW20Wolfrace washer - taper tp taper41/64" boreSW21..
Brand: GRAYSTON Model: SW22
Description3/4" bore sleeve washer11/16" boreSW22..
Brand: GRAYSTON Model: SB31
Description12mm1.5 with 60° Ghia washer19mm hexSB31..
Brand: GRAYSTON Model: SB09
Description* Variable P.C.D) 98/100mmPlease Note: the length of the bolt is the measurement from under the head or washer face to the end of the thread.12mm1.517mmhexfixed 60°22mm longSB0912mm1.517mmhexfixed rad21mm longSB09R12mm1.519mmhexfixed 60°26mm longSB1012mm1.517mmhexfixed 60°26mm longSB10/17..
Brand: GRAYSTON Model: SB28
Description12mm1.2519mmhex35mm long with flat washer O/E- onSB2812mm1.2519mmhex35mm long with flat washerSB29..
Brand: GRAYSTON Model: SW36
DescriptionConvert 60° 12mm bolts to Peugeot Flat SeatingSW3612mm1.519mmhex35mm long to fit Peugeot wheels onto ford carsSB30..
Brand: GRAYSTON Model: SBHR11
DescriptionThese Grayston Round Tuner Style Bolts have an 12mm internal hexagon head and are suitable for many aftermarket wheels that require a much narrower tuner style bolt than standard. They are 19mm in diameter and require a Grayston 12mm Hex Drive Adaptor Key (SA12) for removal (sold separ..
Brand: GRAYSTON Model: SBHR53
Description12mm1.560°28mm longRound 19mm dia boltSBHR5312mm1.2560°28mm longRound 19mm dia boltSNHR6314mm1.560°28 mm longRound 19mm dia boltSBHR73Adaptor key for above19mm hex star driveSA19                              ..
DescriptionGrayston Wheel Locks are available for factory-fitted steel and alloy wheels. Grayston also supplies many other types and sizes for non-standard wheels...
Brand: GRAYSTON Model: SNA10P
DescriptionAluminium Wheel Nuts Grayston Aluminium Wheel nuts are manufactured from high tensile aluminium, heat-treated to specification 7075. These wheel nuts are half the weight of comparable standard wheel nuts with equal strength. They give your alloy wheels a professional finish. Availab..
Brand: GRAYSTON Model: SN11B
DescriptionGrayston Bulge Dome Wheel Nuts are available in a large range of thread and fitting options. Chrome plated for good looks and durability.Specifications3/8" unf0.68" hex17mm60°No. 5SN11B3/8" unf0.68" hex17mmRADNo. 6SN12B7/16" unf3/4" hex19mm60°No. 2SN13B12mm 1.53/4" hex19mm60°No. 10SN14B12..
Brand: GRAYSTON Model: SN14BZ
Specification12mm 1.53/4" hex19mm60°SN14BZ12mm 1.50.68" hex17mm60°SN14BZ1712mm 1.5hex21mm60°SN14BZ2112mm 1.253/4" hex19mm60°SN15BZ12mm 1.25hex21mm60°SN15BZ2114mm 2hex19mm60°SN175BZ                    ..
Brand: GRAYSTON Model: SN11
DescriptionDome Nuts - Chrome PlatedSpecifications3/8" unf0.68" hex17mm60°No. 5SN113/8" unf0.68 hex17mmRADNo. 6SN127/16" unf3/4" hex19mm60°No. 2SN137/16" unf3/4" hex19mmRADSN13R12mm 1.53/4" hex19mm60°No.10SN1412mm 1.253/4" hex19mm60°No.3SN151/2" unf3/4" hex19mm60°No. 1SN1616mm 1.51 1/16" hex27mm80°S..
Brand: GRAYSTON Model: SN44
DescriptionGrayston Ford Ghia Type Wheel Nuts are specifically for use with Ford wheels that have a 'Ghia' type seat. Available as zinc-plated open style nuts or chrome-plated closed style nuts, they are both 12 x 1.5mm thread with a 60-degree taper washer. Sold individually.12mm 1.5sleeve nut..
Brand: GRAYSTON Model: SN40
Description Fit Original Ghia Type Seat Open Or Closed Nut Styles Available Zinc Or Chrome Plated12mm 1.5sleeve nut with 60° Ghia WasherSN40..
Brand: GRAYSTON Model: SN64
DescriptionOriginal equipment style closed back wheel nuts for Mitsubishi and Toyota / Lexus fitment.12mm 1.5 - 18.4 shank12mm long sleeve nut & flat washerSN64..
Brand: GRAYSTON Model: SN09
Description Peugeot Style Wheel Nuts Range Of Thread Sizes Zinc plated3/8" unf3/8" unf17mm (0.68") hex17mm (0684") hexCaptive 60° washer60°SN09SN1012mm 1.519mm (3/4") hex60°SN4112mm 1.519mm (3/4") hexRadius nutSN41R12mm 1.521mm hex60°SN4212mm 1.2519mm (3/4") hex60°SN4312mm 1.2521mm hex60°SN..
Brand: GRAYSTON Model: SN37
Description14mm 1.519.8mm shank Range Rover 02-05, sleeve nut & flat washerSN3714mm 1.522.6mm Range Rover 06, Range Rover Sport, Discovery 04, sleeve nut & flat washer stainless steel capSN383/8" unfMini/Metro sleeve nut with captive 60° washer, stainless steel capSN4512mm 1.5MG/Rover sleeve..
Brand: GRAYSTON Model: SN61
DescriptionGrayston Peugeot Type Wheel Nuts are suitable for OE Peugeot wheels and available as open or closed-end styles. Zinc plated for good looks and durability. 12 x 1.25mm thread, and complete with captive flat washer. Sold individually.SpecificationOpen12mm 1.25 with captive flat washer..
Brand: GRAYSTON Model: SN27
DescriptionSleeve wheel nuts to suit revolution and mamba style wheels.3/8" unf11/16" shank sleeve nut30mm longSN273/8" unf9/16" shank sleeve nut30mm longSN287/16" unf11/16" shank sleeve nut30mm longSN2912mm 1.511/16" shank sleeve nut30mm lobgSN29..
Brand: GRAYSTON Model: SNHR14
Specifications12mm 1.519mm DIA round60°SNHR1412mm 1.2519mm DIA round60°SNHR15Adaptor Key For Above12mm hex to 17/19mm hexSA12..
Brand: GRAYSTON Model: SNHR82
Specifications12mm 1.520mm DIA round60°SNHR8212mm 1.2520mm DIA round60°SNHR8414mm 1.520mm DIA round60°SNHR88Adaptor Key for above10.9 star 19mm hexSA19..
Brand: GRAYSTON Model: SN21
DescriptionGrayston Sleeve Wheel Nut with flat washer are available in a wide range of thread sizes and various shank options.Sold individually.3/8" unf5/8" sleeve3/4" hex.75" long shankNo. 6ASN217/16" unf5/8" sleeve3/4" hex.75" long shankNo. 2BSN2212mm 1.55/8" sleeve3/4" hex.75 long shankNo. 10GGSN..
Brand: GRAYSTON Model: SNV14
Specifications12mm 1.519mm hex60°SNV1412mm 1.2519mm hex60°SNV15..
Brand: GRAYSTON Model: SN51
Description3/8" unf41/64" shank sleeve nut & washerSN511/2" unf11/16" shank sleeve nut & washerSN5212mm 1.541/64" shank sleeve nut & washerSN5412mm 1.2541/64" shank sleeve nut & washerSN5512mm 1.511/16" shank sleeve nut & washerSN567/16" unf11/16" shank sleeve nut & washerSN5..
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