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Brand: OMP Model: DA0205BHSL
FeaturesLightweight polyester strapsProfessional lightweight quick release adjusterProfessional ultra lightweight quick releaseHomologated for roll barFixing intercom connectorsSteel snap hookBuckle fixed to the crotch strapLightweight buckleExclusive double pin t-bar crotch attachmentShoulders: 2'/..
Brand: OMP Model: DA515HST061
Features LightweightProfessional 5 point safety harness6-point seat belts6-point beltsCrotch belt - 2 ''Lap belt - 3 ''Shoulder belt - 3 '' narrowed to 2 '' SFI 16.1FIA 8853-98..
Brand: OMP Model: DA0208H
FeaturesShoulders 2" snap hook2" pull up snap hook2" crotch snap hook6 points..
Brand: OMP Model: DA0204E
FeaturesProfessional steel adjusterProfessional buckle, buckle fixed to the crotch strapHomologated for roll barLightweight polyester strapsSteel snap hookShoulders: 3" snap hook for roll barLap: 3" pull up snap hookPoints: 6..
Brand: OMP Model: DA801F
FeaturesLightweight polyester strapsBuckle fixed to the lap strapProfessional buckleHomologated for roll barSteel snap hookPoints: 4Utilization: SaloonStraps: 3" shoulders and 3" lapHANS friendlyEXPIRY DATE 31.12.2022..
Brand: OMP Model: DA0204EH
FeaturesProfessional steel adjusterProfessional buckleBuckle fixed to the crotch strapHomologated for roll barLightweight polyester strapsSteel snap hookShoulders: 2"/3" snap hook or roll barCrotch: 2" snap hookPoints: 6..
Brand: OMP Model: DA0202HSL
FeaturesSuper light professional safety beltLightweight buckleExclusive double pin t-bar crotch attachmentHolologated for roll barSmall size carabinerLightweight polyester strapsSteel snap hookFixing intercom connectorsBuckle fixed to the crotch strapShoulders..
Brand: OMP Model: DA0202VHSL
FeaturesStraps and attachmentsShoulders 2" roll bar or snap hookLap 2" pull up carabinerCrotch 2" snap hook6 PointsFIA 8853-2016..
Brand: OMP Model: DA0205HSL
FeaturesShoulders: 2"/3" roll barLap: 2" pull up (convertible in pull down) snap hookCrotch 2" snap hookPoints: 6Available in red & black..
Brand: OMP Model: DA0104HSL
FeaturesUltralight dyeemaUltralight buckleProfessional ultra lightweight adjusterBuckle fixed to the lap strapFixing intercom connectorsPlate attachmentWebbing end sewn for formula vars attachShoulders: 2" sewn webbingLap: 2" plateCrotch: 2" platePoints: 6..
Brand: OMP Model: DA0102FHSL
FeaturesUltra light dyneemaLight weight buckleProfessional ultra lightweight adjusterExclusive double pin t-bar crotch attachmentBuckle fixed to the crotch strapWebbing end sewn for formula cars attachmentPlate attachmentShoulders: 2" sewn webbingLap: 2" pull up plateCrotch: 2" plate ColorPoints..
Brand: OMP Model: DA0102HSL
FeaturesUltra light dyneemaLightweight buckleHomologated for roll barProfessional ultra lightweight adjusterFixing intercom connectorsExclusive double pin t-bar crotch attachmentLightweight steel carabinerLightweight steel snap hookBuckle fixed to the crotch strapShoulders: 2" roll barLap: 2" pull d..
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