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Brand: OMP Model: HC/666
FeaturesUniversal aluminium brackets for seats with side attachments..
Brand: OMP Model: HC/660
FeaturesPair of steel L shaped brackets to fit seats with lower attachment points (type Y) to side bracketsThickness: 3mm..
Brand: OMP Model: HC/665
FeaturesSliding rail kit to be mounted between the seat mount and the seat..
Brand: OMP Model: HC/879
FeaturesUniversal seat frame to be welded to the body for fixing seatsFIA ART 253 65B..
Brand: OMP Model: HC/879
FeaturesWeld in universal seat subframe to be adapted to the shell of the vehicleTwo 35mm squared pipes. Length 600mm4 plates for direct welding to the body (80x60) thickness 3mm4 plates for direct welding to the tube (60x40), thickness 3mm4 buckles for welding M8..
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