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QRT Racing Seats

QRT Racing Seats
Brand: SPARCO Model: 008007RNR
FeaturesNon slip fabric for shoulder and seat restraintDivisible leg rest and cushion seatFixed using M8 lateral fastenings with 290mm spacingShell 5.000g Seat 7.000g..
Brand: SPARCO Model: 008005ZNR
FeaturesThe frame has been designed to be installed even in the narrowest car interiorsIts aggressive design emphasises the seat’s racing pedigree and increases its structural rigidityIt has a new cushion divided into 2 parts New stitchingFrame in latest-generation carbonFixed using lateral fas..
Brand: SPARCO Model: 008012RNR
FeaturesNon slip fabric for shoulders and seatHigh structured strengthFixed using M8 lateral fastenings with 290mm spacingShell 5.900gSeat 7.800g..
Brand: SPARCO Model: 008012RNRSKY
FeaturesSky upholsteryNon slip fabric for shoulders and seatHigh structural strengthFixed using M8 lateral fasteners with 290mm spacing..
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