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Brand: OMP Model: PC02007
FeaturesSeat FABRIC cleaner (spray 500 ml)Wipes off grease and dirt from your racing seats’ fabric upholsteryActive foam eases the removal of dirt from the fibersRevives the fabric after the most stressing racing sessionsEasy and fast to use..
Brand: OMP Model: PC02005
FeaturesMULTIPURPOSE pre-wash de-greaser and stain remover (spray 500 ml)High performance specific pre-wash treat for grease and oil stainsHelps to blast out grease and dirt from every fabric (fire retardant or karting suits, seats, steering wheels)Ultra fast action - Special formula with a balan..
Brand: OMP Model: PC02006
FeaturesSUEDE leather cleaner (spray 500 ml)Cleans and hydrates the suede leather of boots and steering wheels covers.New formula with aloe vera and natural waxesRevives the suede and keeps it softEasy and fast to use..
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