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Brand: STILO Model: BBCAP
FeaturesStilo Official baseball cap, a high quality, fully embroidered baseball style sports cap Show your loyalty to the famous Stilo brand and be recognised anywhere in the World Stylish well made baseball style sports capFully branded design with Stilo and Italy flag A must for all loyal St..
FeaturesThe device is constituted by a small air bladder (to be fitted between the top of the helmet and the EPS) with a small tube The system can be fitted into any Stilo helmet produced as of 2010 In case of accident, after cutting the chin tether, first responders can inflate the Eject System, li..
Features Designed to carry one helmet with hans device attachedConstructed of nylon and neoprene..
Brand: STILO Model: OFFSV
Features3 different models Integrated intercom and connection plugs Fully watertight Connection is possible with up to 6 helmets Equipped with PTT button and connection to on-board VHF radio Integrated Bluetooth available Feed available from the boat battery DB0200 VHF..
Brand: STILO Model: YB0100
FeaturesAllows you to convert Trophy and WRC intercoms from 9 volt battery to your cars 12 volt power supply..
Brand: STILO Model: RBKIT
FeaturesThe radio system can be extended or modified anytimeEach device can be set to listen and transmit through the desired channels Possibility to listen to more radio channels with one single system The configuration of the radio system can be modified programming the devices Cove..
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