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Brand: OMP Model: HB/703
FeaturesBack cushion for HRC Fiberglass Air seatPerforated to allow the best cooling effect of OMP air cooling system HC/913..
Brand: OMP Model: ID/794
FeaturesProvides up to 6 hours of cooling timeIdeal for those racing applications where space is not as much of an issue and the races may run longVersatile enough to be perfect for everything from road courses to oval track racingThe CoolShirt Club 24 System keeps you cool and alert for the entire ..
Brand: OMP Model: ID/795
FeaturesThis system promises the ultimate in driver cooling comfortIt provides temperature-controlled cooled water to the driver's Cooling Shirt and cooled filtered hair to the helmet2,5 mt of double water hose with automatic shutoff/quick disconnects attach the shirt to the unitThe dual temperature..
Brand: OMP Model: ID/791
FeaturesNomex elbow padsBlack only..
Brand: OMP Model: DB/450
FeaturesYellow OMP logoIn velourUse with 2" seat beltsVelour..
Brand: OMP Model: HB/699
FeaturesHead support cushion for WRC and HRC seat..
Brand: OMP Model: NA/1871
FeaturesIn steel, to be attached to the roll cage with supplied metal clamps..
Brand: OMP Model: NA/1858
FeaturesPolyester helmet carrying netSuitable for all carsAble to hold 2 helmets..
Brand: OMP Model: HC/893
FeaturesHarness setting conceptAdjustable aluminium cover for 3 positions settingDesigned in compliance with FIA rulesHelps find the best position with regard to the height of the person and favour the respect of the required angles..
Brand: OMP Model: PC02003
FeaturesSleeping molecules inserted in the fabric fibres are activated by the spray that gradually releases active principles that produce an invigorating cooling effectThis reaction occurs by trans-dermal deliveryThe OMP underwear interacts with the organism through the skinThe fabric fibres in con..
Brand: OMP Model: HB/701
FeaturesCouple of seat cushions for HRC seatsBlack Small (HB/701S)Black Medium (HB/701/M)..
Brand: OMP Model: HB/698
FeaturesLeg support cushion for HTE seat..
Brand: OMP Model: HB/700
FeaturesLeg support cushion for WRC seat..
Brand: OMP Model: ID/789
FeaturesAnatomic, round neck collar with a combination of woven and knitNomex for improved comfortContoured to better sit on the drivers shouldersPadded in high density foam..
Brand: OMP Model: ID/787
FeaturesU shaped neck collar in NomexPadding in high density foam..
Brand: OMP Model: NB/1889
FeaturesNut holder on chest. Available on right version (NB/1889R) and left version (NB/1889L)..
Brand: OMP Model: KC/1068
Features4 row aluminium frame pit board (100 x72 cm)Complete with 42 cards of numbers, letters and symbols Measuring 23 x 14 cm Supplied in a synthetic leather which stores tidily on the aluminium frame when not being used..
Brand: OMP Model: KC/1067
Features3 row aluminium frame pit board (72x72 cm)Complete with 24 cards of numbers, letters and symbols Measuring 23 x 14 cm..
Brand: OMP Model: HB/655/C
FeaturesRemovable seat air cushion Black synthetic leather with pressurizing valve on the front for easy adjustmentAdaptable for any seat, use in cases of high impact such as off-road, speedboat and rally ..
Brand: OMP Model: HC/914
FeaturesAir blower with rubber adapter for cooling kit HC/913The blower (HC/914/V) and the adapter (HC/914/R) are also available as spare parts..
Brand: OMP Model: HB/702
FeaturesSeat cushions for HRC seatAnti slip velvet..
FeaturesHB/692Back support cushion, smallHB/662Lumbar support cushion, mediumHB/695Seat cushionHB/693Leg support cushionOnly suitable for velour fabric seatsFit this cushion to improve seat fit, support and comfort..
Brand: OMP Model: HC/931
FeaturesLateral harness slots adaptable on most of OMP racing seat..
Brand: OMP Model: HC/930
FeaturesSpare shoulder harness slots adaptable on most of OMP racing seats..
Brand: OMP Model: KB/1040
FeaturesHandheld stopwatch with liquid crystalsChronograph with split, total elapsed times up to 9h, 59, 59, 99 lap times up to 8Clock with hours, minutes, seconds, alarm clock with 12/ 24h optionTimer with a preset countdown timer60 lap memory and lap counterShows fastest lap, slowest lap and avera..
Brand: OMP Model: KB/1041
FeaturesHandheld stopwatchDifferent functionsChronograph with partial and total elapsed times up to 9h59 59.99Lap timesClock with alarm clock Pacer daterTimer with countdown function..
Brand: OMP Model: T1957
FeaturesTyre warmers to be used with a standard temperature control thermostatSuitable for all types of motor sportCheck tyre size before ordering!..
Brand: OMP Model: ID/799
FeaturesUniversal connectors for supply hose ID/797Available as replacement of original parts..
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