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SaberTrip 3

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The unit is designed for the rally environment and should withstand the harsh conditions.
Do not submerge the unit in water. It is designed to be splash proof only. If water has come into contact with the inside of the unit, SWITCH IT OFF IMMEDIATELY and wait for it to dry completely before using it again.

Easy to use with bright LED display
Compact size (130mm X 80mm X 25mm) and light weight (200 grams)
Works off GPS (use with 2 Wheel Probes or 1 Gearbox Probe as back-up)
GPS calibration - automatic
Total & Interval distance display
Additional features: * Speedometer * Stop Watch * Master Clock (hh:mm:ss) with freeze facility * Fuel Gauge – up to 500 litres * 12V power
In addition to competition use also ideal for reconnaissance, route surveys and road measurement
Optional metal bracket available for easy mounting Optional cigarette lighter power harness available (non-permanant installation)