New from Brembo and Aerocatch

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We’ve recently updated two of our existing - and ever-popular - product lines: Aerocatch and Brembo. So, whether you need to stop something detaching from your racer at high speed or want to bring your high-performance road car back down from speed in double-quick time, we have a solution for you!

  • There isn’t a better-known brand of braking hardware than Brembo, and we’re proud to be the local agent for their performance products! That includes the new HP2000 range of brake pads designed for high-performance road cars, and which is an especially good choice if you’re going to be driving it as intended; or using it for a track day, gymkhana, or time trial. They’re designed to work from cold, so when you’re back on a public road, you can rely on them – immediately! Find out more about the Brembo HP2000 here: