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The Schroth Quickfit is a safety game-changer

A proper race harness has a dual role: it holds you firmly in place so that you don’t have to brace yourself against the seat and it stops you from being thrown around - and possibly even ejected from the vehicle – when an accident happens.

We all love the thrill of speed - which is probably why you’re on this website - but it feels uncomfortably fast when you’re heading in a direction which wasn’t part of your masterplan. So whatever you’re doing, aim to have as much protection as you can get and any track activity in a car should include a helmet and a seatbelt as a bare minimum.

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History of ATS Motorsport

At the end of  1980, the founder of ATS, Richard Leeke, left BMW with not much more than his pension payout – about R40 000 – and along with Ken Howes set about creating a race team which would set new standards for professionalism...

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