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Fuelling yourself properly will make you a better race car driver

This is a sport where a momentary lapse in concentration – brought on by either mental or physical fatigue – can spell disaster. Don’t let it happen to you.

The list of sportspeople bust for doping is a long and shameful one, and motor racing is not without its villains in this regard. That’s one of the reasons Automotive Technology Specialists (ATS) has introduced P1, the only range of nutrition products in the world formulated specifically for motorsport competitors.  It’s clean! P1 is the result of five years of development, including working with nutritionists and top drivers, to find out exactly what is needed to fuel the person behind the wheel – before, during and after the event.

Kelvin van der Linde, arguably our brightest young motorsport star, is one of those drivers who aims to benefit from the use of P1 this year.

“P1 is like no other supplement I’ve used and it has really helped my long-term energy and concentration levels,” says the talented 20-year-old. “Not only is it great to know that it’s free of banned or suspect ingredients, but there are no side-effects like bloating or queasiness…and it’s not as if stopping at the side of the track during a race is an option!”

While a supplement of some kind is a no-brainer for endurance sports like rallying and off-road, some may consider it unnecessary for circuit “sprint” racing. But consider that a Saturday at the track can include a qualifying session – with exceptionally higher stress levels - and up to three races, and the total exertion will be similar to that experienced by a rugby player in a big game. The difference is that you’ll be doing it all inside a hot-house where temperatures can reach 70 degrees Celsius, and clad in up to four layers of fireproof fabric.

Your breathing can also be very difficult in the aerodynamic void of the cockpit, especially with your balaclava and crash helmet playing a role too. Movement of the lungs and diaphragm are also somewhat restricted by the seat and seat belts and the high temperatures won’t help. Your body will try to cool itself through increased perspiration, which can rapidly lead to dehydration and the early onset of its side-effects – one of which is a loss of concentration.

Don’t overlook the G-forces either. Depending on what you race, you’ll generate up to 5G when cornering and braking - that’s five times the force of gravity, which can affect your vision and breathing. As you probably already know, you need to be in a state of perfect fitness to cope with the mental and physical challenges associated with motor racing and P1 offers two solutions to make the process easier:

·         Pre-Race Fuel. Scientifically-formulated to enhance performance by boosting energy, focus and stamina, ingredients include Beta-alanine, Citrulline Malate, Arginine and Sodium Bicarbonate which work together to maximize your performance. Pre-RaceFuel is designed to be used when the body requires a boost of energy and concentration before driving or training.

·         Race Fuel.With 25 grams of pure protein per serving, Race Fuel is one of the market leaders when it comes to gram for gram servings of protein. The needs of a racing driver are different to those of an average athlete: the sustained strain on upper body, core temperatures in excess of 95 degrees Celsius, elevated heart rate and an oxygen consumption of up to three litres per minute can push racing drivers to the brink. The electrolyte compound in Race Fuel therefore targets fatigue in the key muscles, excessive sweat levels and a heart rate which at times (such as during qualifying) is comparable to that of a sprinter. An extensive Branched Chain Amino Acid (BCAA) protein formula give you a significantly quicker recovery time, both between races and between training sessions. A low carb, sugar and fat formulation ensures drivers suffer no unpleasant side-effects when at the wheel.

Pre-Race Fuel and Race Fuel are designed to give you an edge in a sport where a hundredth of a second per corner adds up to a 10th of a second per lap, and a full second over the course of a 10-lapper… that’s all you need to be a winner, rather than one of the guys sharing the podium with the winner.  

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