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Use NF Racing Fuel, blended with care and skill to simultaneously provide maximum engine protection and power no matter what you race.  

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OMP One Art Racing Suit

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Cibie OSCAR Lighting Range II Rim

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Brake, not break…

Stopping – it’s as important as going

Slow in, fast out they say. Well, if you want to win races this season, you need to be fast everywhere and that means getting on the clamps as late as possible too.  At ATS we stock a wide range of performance/race brake pads that’ll bring you down to the optimum cornering speed – in the nick of time! Explore our brake pad database here:

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Autoshoes in stock at ATS


Feed your car’s sole with a set of Autoshoes

There are some things that the Italians do extremely well: sports cars, food, and of course, shoes.  Now they’ve combined two of those things they’re famous for; namely cars and shoes. And as you’d logically expect, they go by the name of: Autoshoes. If you’re passionate about your car (or cars), these are for you. 

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Mickey Thompson Catalogue

About ATS

History of ATS Motorsport

At the end of  1980, the founder of ATS, Richard Leeke, left BMW with not much more than his pension payout – about R40 000 – and along with Ken Howes set about creating a race team which would set new standards for professionalism...

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