Mar 8

Losing Sight

Kart racing…not really ‘entry-level’

I’ve been wanting to write a column about karting for a while. In fact, ever since Adrian Scholtz from MSA mentioned (while we were being shown around the new Kyalami about a year ago) that a father allegedly spent over R1-million in a 2015 karting season for a pre-teen.

I can’t remember the exact details but I believe it was a true ‘entry-level’ class where the...

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Jan 13

Electric racing cars

Electric racing cars…they’re now normal says Adrian Burford

Amazing fact: Formula E is now in its third season.

Brands like Audi and Jaguar see Formula E as having a viable future and both have entered teams for the 2016/2017 championship, now underway. Also, several Formula One refugees have been given a new lease on life with a whirr of an electric motor rather than the drone of a turbocharged four behind their...

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Nov 14

Sarel Daniel van der Merwe

Supervan – he’s still ‘the man’, but only if you’re over 50 it seems

Legends, icons, heroes…all overused terms in this age of hyperbole and self-promotion, where everyone wants to be ‘a brand’.

It is debatable whether there are more than two living legends in South African motorsport; the one is 1979 Formula One world champion Jody Scheckter, the other being Sarel Daniel van der Merwe. The latter’s...

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Oct 3

Camera-ready Cars

Need help at the wheel? Try DriveAssist

A dashcam and satellite navigation have become driving essentials

Over 300 hours of video is uploaded to the internet every minute – a remarkable statistic by any standards. It can be a terrible ‘time-suck’ and I’m sure you’ve also clicked on something and ended up wasting a few minutes of precious time watching something which didn’t really add any value ...


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Sep 10

What’s in a (famous) name?

‘Faking it’ is just a euphemism for theft

Imitation is the highest form of flattery, but unfortunately that little ‘truth’ doesn’t tell the whole story, says Adrian Burford

When sometimes takes your idea, your skill, your research, your development time and cost as well as the plain hard work that goes into making a great product and passes it off as their own, that’s theft. And probably fraud too. In...

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