Feb 23

Come play at our ‘Pan

Richard Leeke from ATS Motorsport Supplies has sent a personal invitation to speed demons, Richard Noble and Andy Green

Dear Richard and Andy,

I’m extremely excited about your planned shakedown with Bloodhound SSC at Hakskeen Pan in November. As a bunch of motorsport-mad petrolheads (and yes, we are aware that your large, very fast car doesn’t actually use petrol) anything to do with speed gets us fired...

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Mar 8

Losing Sight

Kart racing…not really ‘entry-level’

I’ve been wanting to write a column about karting for a while. In fact, ever since Adrian Scholtz from MSA mentioned (while we were being shown around the new Kyalami about a year ago) that a father allegedly spent over R1-million in a 2015 karting season for a pre-teen.

I can’t remember the exact details but I believe it was a true ‘entry-level’ class where the...

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Jan 13

Electric racing cars

Electric racing cars…they’re now normal says Adrian Burford

Amazing fact: Formula E is now in its third season.

Brands like Audi and Jaguar see Formula E as having a viable future and both have entered teams for the 2016/2017 championship, now underway. Also, several Formula One refugees have been given a new lease on life with a whirr of an electric motor rather than the drone of a turbocharged four behind their...

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Nov 14

Sarel Daniel van der Merwe

Supervan – he’s still ‘the man’, but only if you’re over 50 it seems

Legends, icons, heroes…all overused terms in this age of hyperbole and self-promotion, where everyone wants to be ‘a brand’.

It is debatable whether there are more than two living legends in South African motorsport; the one is 1979 Formula One world champion Jody Scheckter, the other being Sarel Daniel van der Merwe. The latter’s...

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Oct 3

Camera-ready Cars

Need help at the wheel? Try DriveAssist

A dashcam and satellite navigation have become driving essentials

Over 300 hours of video is uploaded to the internet every minute – a remarkable statistic by any standards. It can be a terrible ‘time-suck’ and I’m sure you’ve also clicked on something and ended up wasting a few minutes of precious time watching something which didn’t really add any value ...


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