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Go For The Kill

Just in at ATS are latest-generation Cartek battery isolators, or, as we say in the trade, kill switches.


The game has moved on and the solid state products from Cartek are designed to work seamlessly with the latest electronics. An important part of this is that they use a push-button rather than a conventional 90- degree turning “switch” for improved long-term  reliability and has two isolation circuits – one for the negative side of the battery and the other cutting power to the engine electrics.

The most recent addition to their range is the XR, which weighs less than 70 grams and measures just 45 x 60mm!  This unit does not have a power input or power output. Instead, it sends a signal which is wired up to either a Power Distribution Module or Motorsport ECU that has an ignition switch signal input. The ECU or Power Distribution Module will then shut down when it sees this signal - which then kills the engine.

The XR also features a 0.5 sec time delay between transmitting the engine kill signal and disconnecting the battery allowing ECUs time to perform a safe shutdown sequence before electrical power is lost.

The GT works differently and kills the engine by taking in a fixed 12v input and sending a 12v output that would power your Ignition or ECU. When the negative side of the battery has been disconnected it will also cut the 12v output powering your ignition or ECU and kill the engine. It is designed for cars with standard ECU’s or historic Race cars.


We sell the XR and GT as complete, ready to install kit, priced at R4 600 and R4 057 respectively.

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