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The Fireball is an highly-innovative passive device, requiring no maintenance, refilling or servi..
AeroCatch 3XS
The AeroCatch 3XS is a compact, high strength tension latch for drawing together panels with the ..
Aerocatch Xtreme (steel pin)
Available in locking and non-locking, Flush (fits below the panel) and Plus Flush (fits above..
Brembo HP2000
The Brembo HP2000 range is a direct replacement for the Original Equipment (OE) pads and is to th..
Cartek Digital Gear Indicator
Knowing which gear you’re in matters, for obvious reasons, but sequential shifts have made it nec..
Cartek Shift Lights
The Sequential Shift Light from Cartek indicates the ideal moment to shift up a gear to get maxim..
Cartek Power Control Panels
With a Cartek switch panel and associated Power Distribution Module race car wiring can be simpli..
Cartek GT battery isolator
The XR represents the latest technology from Cartek and is 30 % smaller and 40 % lighter than the..
Cartek GT battery isolator
The GT simultaneously isolates the battery and kills the engine, for maximum safety. It is design..
Deformable Rubber Tray
Shape it to suit your needs or fold it flat so that it takes up minimal space. Or just leave ..
Metal Tray
If you’ve lost something at a critical moment when working on a car, you aren’t the first and..