Knowledge is power. That’s why VBOX exists

As a well-informed motorsport competitor or track day enthusiast you probably already know about VBOX dataloggers: a range of products that make it possible to analyse your performance on a dragstrip, closed circuit or even a rally stage, and to tune and tweak the performance of both you and your machine via the gathered information.

There’s the four-camera VBOX Pro, dual-camera Video VBOX and Video VBOX HD, PerformanceBox, DriftBox, VBOX Sport…and now the uniquely South African ChristmasBox.


It’s available exclusively from us, the motorsport equipment leaders. The Christmas (often pronounced “Creasemiss”) Box comprises the pint-sized but potent 20Hz VBOX Sport datalogger, complete with both handlebar and windscreen mounts and an external antenna – all for R8 630 including VAT. With this single package, you’ll be able to test just about anything with wheels – including a bicycle – and several things that don’t run on terra firma: watercraft, for example.

Says our Sales Director Kobus Roos:  “Being fast is the single most important thing in motorsport. Whatever you compete in or on, the ChristmasBox will enable you to seamlessly transition from motorcycle to car and from the dragstrip to circuit, for example. The fact that it can be connected to an iPhone or iPad via Bluetooth for a ‘live feed’ is a major plus, as is the fact that data can simultaneously be saved to an SD card for analysis later.” 

With the Predictive lap time function and a linked smartphone, you’ll know exactly where you are on your current lap compared to your best. The Circuit Tools software makes it possible to interrogate the data in detail once back in the pits and compare lines, turn-in and braking points and get an understanding of what cornering techniques work best for a given combination of turns. It’ll also automatically ‘cherry-pick’ different sectors from all your laps in a session and come up with an Ideal Lap that can realistically be achieved. Accurate acceleration from standstill to a pre-determined speed, or acceleration between a start and an end speed in a particular gear, makes it possible to quickly quantify the effect of tuning or gear ratio changes.

The result of having access to all this information? Getting faster will almost certainly be easier.

“With the ChristmasBox, you’ll be getting the windscreen mount free. Then we’ve included the external magnetic antenna at a reduced price because with the increasingly commonplace usage of heat-reflective athermic glass, the signal can be degraded if the device must acquire satellites through the windscreen.

“Add in the Sport’s rugged, waterproof design and powerful 20Hz engine and it is exactly what you’ll want to find lovingly gift-wrapped (even if you have to do it yourself) on December 25 – or preferably much sooner,” concluded Roos.

We also have a pile of useful VBOX promotional items (including a visor sticker designed to keep the sun out of your eyes), which we’ll be giving away with the ChristmasBox while stock last. 



Our Dunlop Motorsport team was flat out at the Kyalami International circuit this last weekend 

Gennaro Bonafede in a Sasol-sponsored BMW looks like he has finally broken Engen Audi’s stranglehold on the fledgling Sasol Global Touring Car series. The lanky youngster took wins in both the 9-lap races at Kyalami on Sunday October 23, as the high-tech 2.0-litre turbopetrol cars made their first visit to the track. Indeed, it was a new experience for most of the 450-odd competitors who contributed to making it a bumper long-weekend of motorsport on the Highveld.

It was also a new experience for the ATS tyre team, in our capacity as Dunlop’s motorsport arm. Not only was it a new track, but the GTC cars also raced on a softer compound 18-inch slick than they have in the past. This posed some challenges of course, but the feedback was extremely positive – the drivers commented that it made their mounts feel like ‘real’ race cars, and much more responsive thanks to the stickier tyres.

Some interesting facts that came out of the race meeting, as compiled by ATS’s Dunlop guru, Hilton Ewart included:

·  While the harder compound slicks ran at about 80 degrees, the soft tyre reached 100 – that’s not far off the temperature at which water boils!

·  The softer tyre is worth about two seconds a lap at Kyalami and we estimate one to 1.5 at Zwartkops.

·  From a cold pressure of 1.3 Bar, the harder compound climbs to about 2.1 and the soft to 2.3 when hot.  

·  The highest ambient temperature recorded during the weekend was 33 degrees.

·  The highest track temperature recorded was 48 degrees…

·  On one particular GTC car we recorded 105 degrees on the right rear - that’s the tyre which  does a lot of hard work at Kyalami!

·  Including GTC, Engen VW Cup and Comsol VW Challenge, our tyre technicians fitted and balanced about 250 tyres during the weekend and also kept a watchful eye on tyre wear patterns as well as offering set-up advice.


Autoshoes in stock at ATS


If you’ve ever driven a car that has stood for months and it felt like you were on a badly-potholed road the reason is usually because the tyres are out of round. 

Some tyres do recover from this over time but others can be permanently damaged.

So why run the risk of ruining perfectly good tyres, and also spoiling an event – driving your ‘special’ car – when it can be easily avoided with a set of Autoshoes?




Features and benefits of Autoshoes include:

·  Pad width of 310mm – making them suitable for virtually all tyres sizes. Total pad length is 590mm.

·  Non-slip ribbed surface – easy and safe to drive onto. They’ll also conform to uneven surfaces, while foam pads on the  underside provide maximum grip whatever the surface.

·  Made from top quality rubber – they won’t be damaged by oil and other fluids and products commonly found in a garage  environment.

·  Roll-on/roll-off design: no need to reposition the pads each time – simply drive over the first pair and when the rear tyres come into position, all four shoes are ‘on’. And you can leave them on for as long as you like.

·  Portable – a set of four weighs approximately 12 kilograms and they are sold in a durable carry-bag. So the next time you go to Cars in the Park or Angela’s Picnic, you can park with your shoes on...

·  Being Italian, they’re stylish and elegant too – because looking good at all times is important.

   Autoshoes sell for R2 995 excluding VAT a set – or put another way, a small percentage of the price of a set of 18-inch performance tyres…  


The Sasol GTC Championship comes to the Kyalami on October 22 & 23 and is the main drawcard for a meeting which has attracted over 400 entries

Michael Stephen, the multiple Production Car Champion, has dominated so far, winning all but one of the races in his Engen Audi A3 and certainly arrives back on the Highveld as the hot favourite.

A record entry will make the three-day Motorsport Festival one to remember and it'll showcase the best that local circuit racing has on offer. With the announcement that Cell C is to partner Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit for the inaugural event, motorsport fans can look forward to a new and exciting chapter in circuit racing at the historic Midrand venue.
A full programme with full grids in both 4 wheel and 2 wheel categories competing in various races scheduled for both Saturday and Sunday will provide non-stop circuit racing action. The race meeting culminates on Sunday with Sasol GTC making their long awaited debut at Kyalami. 
The recently announced Volkswagen Media and Celebrity Challenge are sure to provide action and a touch of glamour, both on and off track. Race fans will be able to meet the race drivers, media and celebrities on a pit walk at lunch time on Sunday. Watch the press for more details on this new Volkswagen initiative, in association with the South African Guild of Motoring Journalists.
The full 28 race programme will also feature over 35 V8 race cars in a combined V8 Supercar and V8 Masters field. Racing history will be written as the two categories participate in a combined race on Sunday. The Cape Town V8 Masters category makes a welcome visit to the Kyalami race meeting. Ben Morgenrood, Franco Di Matteo as well as Larry and Terry Wilford will be amongst the leading pack in the V8 Supercars, with Brian Evens and Marcel Angel out front in the V8 Masters.
The refurbished venue provides new exciting spectator viewing areas. Refreshments will be available at various locations around the circuit. Tickets can be purchased at Computicket with pre-purchase ticket holders enjoying the benefit of express entry lanes and a reduced entry price. 
Pit Lane / Grid Walk tickets are available for both days. The 30-minute grid walk will take place at 13h00 on each day to allow race fans an opportunity to see the cars and meet the drivers and riders. VIP Hospitality packages are available providing exclusive full day catering in the new Paddock and Viewing Deck area of the Main Pit Building. VIP Parking, pit entry and other exclusive benefits are included in the package.
For more information regarding the ticket prices, spectator areas, hospitality packages and race programme please visit the Kyalami web site –


The Sasol GTC field all use identical 18-inch Dunlop slicks, with GTC Production running on 17-inch Dunlop semi-slicks.

We’ve got the racer rubber you need

No one stocks a wider selection of competition tyres than ATS!

Tyres make the motorsport world go round and we have them in all shapes and sizes (not to mention compounds and construction) to help you achieve your circuit, rally, drag, off-road and oval track goals.

Our selection includes Dunlop - Automotive Technology Specialists is the sole supplier to Global Touring Cars, the Volkswagen Cup one-make Polo series and the South African National Rally Championship. Our personnel have been trained overseas by Dunlop Motorsport’s race tyre experts and have the knowledge to provide proper advice on how to get the best out of the brand’s products. We first began selling Dunlop racing tyres in 1983, so we know a thing or two about them.

Tyres represent one of the biggest running costs in motorsport so it is vital to buy what is “fit for purpose”. Talk to our sales team and get exactly what you need both in terms of intended usage and budget. As well as our expertise and experience with Dunlop, we can provide Mickey Thompson drag tyres and off-road tyres, American Racer, Avon, and 18-inch Michelin slicks suitable for high-powered production cars like the Ferrari 430 and Porsche 911.

We also boast an extensive range of tyre-related accessories, from pressure gauges to pyrometers.

Talk to our sales team about your specific need or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..